Successful PowerPoint Presentations

Course Summary

How many presentations have you endured at conferences and seminars that feature densely packed PowerPoint slides, filled with more text than a textbook page – which you can’t see anyway? And most of them are black on white, right? Creating a better PowerPoint isn’t that difficult, but you need to understand your purpose, goals, and competition.

In keeping with the basic theme that Knowledge = Success, GWM offers two versions of this workshop – One presents the 10 steps presented here; the other is longer to add time for participants to have hands on experience building a better PowerPoint. As an additional service, GWM also critiques and edits your PowerPoint presentation(s).

Course Outline

  1. Finding your purpose

  2. Engaging your audience

  3. Content: Where most PowerPoints fail

  4. The most important element (Hint: It’s not the PowerPoint)                                          

  5. Design and readability

  6. Tone and voice

  7. Art and Graphics

  8. Gimmickry and other PowerPoint features

  9. Rehearsal and revision

  10. Handouts