Henry Khachaturian, Ph.D.

Dr. Khachaturian received his B.S. and M.S. degrees in biology and chemistry from the State University of New York at Brockport. He received his Ph.D. in Anatomy (Neuroscience) from the University of Rochester, School of Medicine. After postdoctoral work, he joined the faculty of the University of Michigan Medical School as research investigator in the Department of Psychiatry. In 1987 he moved to the University of Tennessee School of Medicine as Assistant Professor of Neurobiology and Anatomy and Director of Embryology. Dr. Khachaturian’s research was supported through grants from the NIH to study the development of opioid peptide neuronal systems and monoamine neurotransmitters in the brain. He has authored or co-authored more than fifty peer-reviewed publications and book chapters, and he has served on scientific journal editorial boards and NIH peer review panels. In 1988, Dr. Khachaturian moved to the National Institute of Mental Health, where he held several positions including Chief of Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience Research Branch, Associate Director of Division of Neuroscience and Behavioral Science, and Director of Training. In 2000, he joined the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke as Associate Director for Research Training and Career Development. Since 2005 he has served in policy capacities in the Office of the NIH Director, including Director of Policy and Liaison Activities, NIH Loan Repayment Office, Training Program Policy Officer, Acting NIH Research Training Officer, and Chair of the NIH Grant Appeals Board. For his dedication to the NIH and public service, Dr. Khachaturian has received numerous NIMH, NINDS, and NIH Director’s Awards.